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What is the Harbor? What is a Sober Bar?

We have three parts to who we are as the Harbor – the sober bar, the church, and the recovery housing.

The sober bar opened on New Year’s Eve of 2013 as a safe place for community for those in recovery and those who support recovery or just want a nice drug and alcohol-free place to hang out. We serve sodas, coffee, milkshakes, and floats at the bar instead of alcohol.

Seeing a spiritual need as well, we began having church services in 2016, starting the Harbor Church of the Nazarene, and many of the people that come are a part of the recovery community there as well.

Not long after, in early 2017, we were able to purchase the building and renovate the apartments upstairs so that we could start a recovery house for men – a transitional step from rehab to integrating back into their new life without substances. We have also converted some of the men’s beds to sober living housing that allows men greater independence while still remaining under the umbrella of the recovery type setting to continue with the support from others in active recovery.

Our Mission

The Harbor encompasses three different entities: the church, the sober bar, and the recovery house.  All strive to serve our community, but in different ways.

Mission Statements

A community of people seeking God, sharing life, and serving others.

Providing a safe, alcohol-free place within our community for the enrichment of individuals, couples, and families seeking a life of sobriety.

A recovery house that offers support, accountability, and community to the addicted while they journey through the 12 steps and find a new way to live.


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